NodeJS and BigData

NodeJS and BigData

Nowadays, the Big Data can be found in most of modern organisation and companies. Its utilisation gives an advantage over competitors and allows to adapt to new trends. There is no surprise that established organizations, to follow a trend, are shifting to Node.js platforms from their legacy systems. Node.js is used by companies like PayPal, Yahoo, eBay, Netflix.

So, what is NodeJS?

Its real time web application using push technology over web sockets. It allows two-way connections (client and server). Advantage of Node.js is JavaScript language that makes easier to build both back-end and front-end using the same code. Node.js uses non-blocking, event driven I/O to offer efficiency and remain lightweight in terms of in-memory usage. It is especially effective processing multiple requests (with not high computing complexity) that makes it perfect tool for ingestion phase of Big Data pipelines.

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