Big Data specialists needed?

Big Data specialists needed?

According to three popular Polish job portals [1] [2] [3] the Polish marked is in need of IT specialists. There are lot of job opportunities for programmers (3988/830/3570 offers), web developers (2625/ 98/ 355 offers) and data analytics (668/ 356/ 115 offers). Recently, new job opportunities are rising concerning Big Data specialist (335/ 48/ 22 offers). This gives on average 5% of Polish market waiting for new employees with Big Data skills. However, the particular Big Data skills (languages, data analysis and machine learning skills) can be found even more often. What’s more according to Hays’s report [4] average salary in Poland for Big Data engineer is 25% higher than programmers and is equal on average 17 thousand PLN. What skills are needed? The report will be available under this project soon on this site.



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